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How you can level up your Social Media Game!

Perhaps a silver lining from Covid is that we have all become accustomed to spending more time online so there's no better time than now to increase your online presence and use social media to your advantage.

It's a no-brainer that social media helps brands to stand out amongst their competitors — so here are some essential tips and tricks on analytics, content creation and engagement to help you level up your social media game in 2022!


First and foremost ALWAYS use analytics to improve.

Without having a solid idea of what’s working, what’s failing and what needs improving, you’ll be lost when it comes to figuring out how to better your social media.

All platforms have an insights page you just have to dive in! The analytics pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter may look alien-like at first but it’s all very simple to navigate. Remember, getting to know your audience even a little can make a huge difference.

Once you’ve grasped the graphs and inspected the insights make a list of 5 actionable tasks you can do to improve your socials.

Here are some examples of what those could be…

  • Time of day your audience is active. Have your posts been going out at these times? Can you improve your schedule? Can you test other days/times?

  • Which types of content gets higher reach and engagement? Compare video, photos, and length of copy.

  • Where are your content gaps? Have you been effectively using tools like Instagram Lives and Reels? Have you utilised the stickers on Instagram stories?

  • Are you gaining interest from followers or hashtags? Could the hashtags you’re using be improved?


As well as analysing your own platform, also take some time to analyse your competitors’ platforms. Get to know what others are doing.

That being said, you also don’t want to copy exactly what your competitors are doing – that’s never a good look. Instead, simply take a browse and note down things you like and could try out.

Here are some examples of what those could be…

  • They’ve posted a reel based on a new trend its had tonnes of views and engagement - so try it out yourself!

  • They've held regular competitions and rewarded their followers with giveaways. Is there something you can offer your followers?

  • If they've shared content related to the days of the week, for example, #FridayFacts or #WednesdayWisdom. You could join in and share your expertise.

Have fun finding ideas that spark interest for your 2022 content creation plan.


You can’t expect results if you don’t put enough time in.

Whether this is you directly or outsourcing your social media work to a specialist, make sure you have enough time to put into performing well.

A key element in the Instagram algorithm is engagement. You must stay active, relevant and be consistent.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Reply to the comments you missed from your previous post.

  • Spend 15-20 minutes engaging with pages in similar niches to yours. If you engage with other accounts then they are more likely to engage with yours.

  • Re-post to your stories something about your new post, get it seen and heard!

  • Reply to all the new comments on your new post. Ask a question whenever it makes sense to encourage your audience to come back and make another comment. Creating those connections in the comments begins to create your online community.


Content is still king – and there are so many ways to make amazing, shareable content for your business.

Ask your audience for ideas! Use Instagram features such as quiz questions and polls to gauge what they want to see from you. Whether it is product information, behind the scenes of the business, or get even more specific - photos or videos?

Gather the responses and use them to construct your content calendar so that you can be sure whatever you make, it'll be what they want to see!

Be on Brand

Be consistent with the content design.

Use your brand colours and style but don’t be afraid to experiment either.

Be Human

While you might be apprehensive to show your true self through your business profile, it's crucial to maintain a sense of authenticity. Don’t be scared to let your personality come through - use your name and your voice, it makes it far more relatable!

Show your face

Create a ‘meet the team’ series or go LIVE on Instagram. Whatever you plan to do, putting a face to the business gives your audience an idea of the person being the keyboard. It’ll do wonders for building a connection!

I would recommend using your company logo for your profile image but implementing photos throughout your feed to add value to your presence.

Share some love your face

Consider reserving one day a week in your content calendar to put the spotlight on someone else.

If you’re a retailer, perhaps it’s showcasing one of your makers or suppliers.

If you’re a gardening brand, perhaps you run a 'Grower of the Month' to give a shout-out to someone in the gardening community.

If you're a stockist for baking ingredients, promote bakers that have made cakes or treats using your products.

Don’t use every social post as an opportunity to sell, sell, sell. Otherwise you're at risk of your audience finding your content repetitive and unengaging.

If you need further advice or help putting together a strategy please get in touch by emailing katiemillsdesign@outlook.com together we level up your social media game!

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